(Developmental Artistic Program for Schools)

This project is under the direct guidance of the Musical legend Padmabhushan Dr T.V. Gopalakrishnan, the Guru of innumerable performing musicians and music educators across the world. Like many other AIMA’s niche projects, DASH is spearheaded by Guruji’s premier disciple and foster daughter Dr Devie Neithiyar (Chief Executive Director, AIMA), supported by the vibrant, committed and talented team of music educators trained in-house at the Academy. AIMA’s unique music/dance training methodology  (TTM),  has evolved from decades of research by Guruji and fine-tuned to obtain the maximum results.

Music workshops suitable for 10 years and up

Duration: 35 to 45 minutes

These small interactive group sessions inspires the children to sing without inhibition, examine practical ways to keep the voice nimble with exercises; how to produce a rich voice, have correct intonation, have breath control, and have good posture during singing. It also acts like an orientation programme for the children in Indian Music and Culture Workshop will take simple catchy melodies from, classical, light classical, folk, or films to demonstrate the use of techniques.

Competition preparation suitable for students with prior musical background.

Duration: As need and based on priority.

These sessions will provide rigorous training for students specially chosen for their musical abilities. The goal of the program is to prepare a select group of students to represent the school in inter-school competitions and on television. The program is designed to focus on the polish of delivery, finer nuances of the composition and on television. The program is designed to focus on the polish of delivery, finer nuances of the composition and thorough voice control.

Performance workshops suitable for all ages

Duration: 3 sessions per term. 40 minutes each.

Instructor will work with groups to enable them to sing 3-4 songs for assembly or in a school performance. Age-appropriate songs will be chosen in a variety of languages. Instructors will work with students of all ages and abilities. The program goal is to get students to comfortably sing the songs with joy, and appropriate emotion, while adhering to the melody and rhythm.