Music in India began as an integral part of socio-religious life. Indian Music is knit through numerous genres, forms, and styles due to India’s vastness and diversity. These have a history spanning over centuries and has changed and branched out over several geo-locations spanning the sub-continent. They range from Classical, light classical, devotional, folk, Rabindra sangeet, bhajans, ashtapadis, abhangs, lavani, sufi in various Indian languages to name a few. 

An ideal student learning Indian Music – should have a basic awareness, knowledge and experience of at least a couple of these genres to be able to savour the totality of the beauty of Indianness of Indian music. 

For over three decades, under the direct guidance of the Music legend himself, AIMA has touched the musical lives of thousands of aspirants and gifted them with an immersive performance and production experience in the widest variety of musical and cultural themes across the world. 

With this in mind, yet again, AIMA comes out with its next online initiative.

TAP – (TVG AIMA’s Performance - platform).

This unique music training program provides the perfect and most convenient alternative to the conventional twice a week music classes for a busy young adult. With an intensive, focussed, enjoyable and objective-driven program resulting in a wide range of musical online productions, and workshops, TAP has something to offer for any passionate and committed music student ready to face the camera, or take the stage and benefit from. With meticulous professional training sessions from maestros and wizards of the industry, TAP is sure to provide the experience and depth of real-life performance experiences.

  • Weekly prefixed training sessions resulting in a musical video presentation
  • Sessions by industry’s finest musicians and teachers along with AIMA senior faculty
  • AIMA’s unique training, grooming, rehearsal and production methodology Personalized audition and post-show feedback


Please click the link given below to register and fill in your details. Submit a short audio file of your singing without any accompaniments. You will be contacted by AIMA officials to brief you on the procedure thereafter. Once you have cleared the audition, you will be invited for an online orientation session, wherein you will be given a snapshot of the program and can clarify all your queries with the Program Director.

No prior formal musical training is required. A fairly good musical talent however is essential. The participant should have the passion, commitment and a focussed approach in learning the nuances of music.

No. You can be learning music formally from any Institute or teacher and still be a part of TAP.


No. The most unique aspect of TAP is to unearth your natural talent and the thrust of TAP as the name suggests is, the Art of Performance.

TAP season 1 is primarily focused on Vocalists. However, talented instrumental players can be included in the productions after auditions.

No. The uniqueness of TAP lies in its comprehensive, all-inclusive approach to Indian music. This will include various genres of Indian music in multiple languages. 

No. Language and nativity is no barrier for TAP.

No. Participants over the age of 10 years can apply.

No. The training program will be Online during the weekends, catering to different time zones, enabling passionate participants from across the globe to be a part of TAP.

The participants need to pay a sum of ₹ 1750 per month.

However, if you are a student or an alumnus of AIMA, the fee is ₹ 1500.

Yes. This fee is inclusive of the training and performance of each musical production.

*For external events, it may vary from event to event.

Yes, you will be awarded a Certification of Merit and Excellence on completion of Season 1 of TAP.

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