This course aims to create performers who can compete with the existing performers of today’s contemporary scene and successfully develop a long-term career in their chosen art form. This is a highly professional and intensive training programme devised by Dr.TVG, with short and long-term duration facilitated with flexible modules, which is highly recommended for aspiring performers.

2-year diploma for serious aspirants looking for professional excellence. The Art of Performance is a rare talent that few possess. This pioneering course answers the need to produce performers who can compete on the classical music circuit and successfully develop a long-term career in their chosen art form.

An ideal performer is one who can communicate the depth of his or her individual creativity at will, thus striking a chord in the heart of each individual in the audience.

The “Art of Performance” is the unique product of Guruji’s insight and experience which has accrued to him over his vast career of creating successful performers. It brings the individual out of the individual and then polishes him or her for the whole world to perceive and appreciate.

The process of nourishing and showcasing that creativity lies squarely in the hands of the Guru, who must be a time-tested exponent of the art.
Wooden Veena


Students will benefit from full focus on the practical aspects of Music Performance – stage – multimedia, recordings etc. – Special in-house training, distance education, and will be supported by on-line services. The project is under the direct Guidance of the Musical legend and Guru of innumerable performing prodigies, Padmabhushan Dr. T.V.Gopalakrishnan and his premier disciple and foster daughter Dr. Devie Neithiyar.


This modular program is comprehensive enough to ensure basic knowledge of all areas pertinent to modern-day performance, but flexible enough to allow the candidates to opt for the modules which most spark their interest. Furthermore the varied manner of assessment encourages the candidate to push the boundaries of their personal passion in the art. By sculpting the thrust of the course around the core values of the individual, the spirit of genius is kindled, and God willing, generations of performers shall be born.

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