Cultural Centre

Academy of Indian Music & Arts, founded in 1984 by the legendary musician Padma Bhushan Dr T V Gopalakrishnan and registered as a Charitable Trust. AIMA upholds the philosophy espoused by Dr TVG, that music should be an integral part of everyone’s daily life, reiterating the time-tested therapeutic power of music to reduce stress and enhance positivity in lives. Academy of Indian Music and Arts (AIMA) stands tall as a state-of-the-art music academy to attain in-depth, knowledge and mastery in multiple genres of Indian music. AIMA has proven to be a haven for music aspirants and practitioners irrespective of economic or social bias. AIMA aims to support this neglected strata of musicians by enabling them to obtain a decent living and to lead their life with dignity. AIMA is committed to bringing back the doctrine of music into modern lives. Now, AIMA champions the mantra of our founder Dr TVG – “If you can Speak, you can Sing”!