Sing with AIMA

SWAS a unique and passionate concept of AIMA, designed to – inspire and motivate everyone to sing and explore the music and voice within you. SWAS is a beautiful journey together in the world of music and togetherness.

Sing With AIMA was conceived during the COVID lockdown, as an initiative of AIMA to engage a world coming to terms with a harsh reality, as a free, open music sessions. Touching the lives of over 390+ participants from across the world, SWAS brought music back into the the lives of many.

With an overwhelming requests from participants, SWAS was then launched as a regular AIMA program. This program is aimed at busy adults, senior citizens and kids alike, and brings music into your everyday lives.

SING WITH AIMA (SWA) will be a recurring 6-month Certification program. Participants shall also receive monthly Skill Assessment Reports during the course of the program.

SWAS is for young adults and above age groups (there is no upper age limit !) and SWAR is for bubbly kids. Choose to bring the gift of music into your life today!


The format of the program will be Online group sessions. Focus will be given on completing the learning during the session itself with enough repetitions. AIMA believes in learning through listening. Notes and reference material will be provided after the lesson is completed, for practice.
This program offers a Certificate of completion as also monthly skill assessment reports to all participants.

No. Any of those who have a deep passion for music, the commitment to learn, and the openness to receive suggestions and corrections are eligible to join the program.

Not really. Anyone who fits in the criteria mentioned above, between the age of 6- 90 can be a part of the program.

The Sing with AIMA program is conducted in such a way that regular tips and do’s and don’ts are constantly given to the students during the sessions. Monthly assessment reports with corrections/suggestions will also be sent regularly to the students.

The course fee has to be made as a bank transfer every half-year. There is also an option of making the payment in 2 instalments (quarterly).


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